Focus on Pesticide Use is an information campaign which started in 1997. The campaign is a cooperation between different authorities, interest organisations and companies. The aim is to reduce pesticides in ground and surface waters and to improve the use of personal equipment when handling pesticides

The Campaign

New Plant Protection Products legislation was introduced in 1997. This started a discussion about how detailed the legislation should be, with the result that excessively detailed legislation would not be efficient. Instead, the Federation of Swedish Farmers (LRF) took the initiative to start the voluntary information campaign Focus on Pesticide Use in order to promote information to farmers, consultants and retailers.

This initiative was taken together with the Chemicals Inspectorate, the Board of Agriculture, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Swedish Work Environment Authority and the Farmers´ Supply & Crop Marketing Association.

The campaign has distributed information through brochures, courses, leaflets, advertisements and the website None the least the campaign are also active in arranging seminars, field trips, and participate in agricultural fairs in Sweden.

We focus on the following information:

  • Safe filling and cleaning of sprayers
  • Safe storage of pesticides
  • Safety distance – surface runoff
  • Safety distance – wind drift

Material in English from Focus on Pesticide Use

The brochure Mitigating spray drift in Sweden (LÄGG IN LÄNK)

Some of out movie clips can also be seen with English subtitles (click on Captions and choose Translate captions). (LÄNK TILL VÅR YOUTUBE KANAL)



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